Jo Anthony

Business Development Manager

I am the driving force behind our advertising, social media marketing, and business growth at American Tax Company. With a knack for lead generation and a passion for client success, I am dedicated to expanding our reach and bringing on new monthly accounting and payroll clients.

Through effective communication via email, text, and phone, I establish meaningful connections with potential clients, ensuring no opportunity is missed. I prioritize follow-up and personalized interactions to provide exceptional customer service right from the start.

As part of the onboarding process, I guarantee a seamless transition for new clients. By leveraging my expertise in marketing and understanding the importance of a solid foundation, I ensure our clients feel supported and confident in our services.

With an eye for detail and a finger on the pulse of industry trends. Working closely with the team, I optimize our strategies, maximizing our impact and delivering outstanding results.

We value innovation, professionalism, and client satisfaction. Join us on a remarkable journey toward success, where we expand our business, bring on new clients, and help you achieve your financial goals.